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My love and recommendation of Mexican food in Casa Grande

Old Ochoa's BuildingOchoas's Green Chili Cheese CrispOchoa's Ranchero Style burro (1)Nico's Rolled TacosLittle SombreoFilaberto's Breakfast Burito (1)sands2By Sarah Campbell
Hopefully some of you remember going to Ochoa’s on the corner of Marshall and Main Street. I remember being more excited about going to Ochoa’s for Mexican food than the possibility of pizza. We have been so severely blessed with our choices of really good Mexican food in Casa Grande and are lucky enough to have some of them still operating today.

The slight differences in the enchilada sauce, salsa’s and the many ways the cheese crisp was prepared, makes each one of us think of a place that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Now I realize not everyone has the same intensity for food as I. But we all have to eat so you might as well enjoy it. You should patronage each and every Mexican food establishment in our Large House.

Starting with the outdoor fun of ordering from Robert at Little Sombrero, it’s the cute little building with the green shades across from city hall on Florence Blvd. Order a burro, fried and enchilada style. Robert will shake his head as he hand writes your order. I agree that soaking a crisply fried burro in enchilada sauce is silly, but it tastes oh so very good.   If you would rather sit down and dine head over to the new Ochoa’s location on Cottonwood Lane and enjoy a green chili cheese crisp and be sure and try the green sauce on whatever you order.

When they tell you the plate is HOT at Ricardo’s believe them, it is. I love the huge drinks, brisk service and good food. Have whatever the day’s special is at Café de Manuel, it’s always good. Vaqueros has two locations – Florence Blvd and north Pinal Ave. Bea (One of the Big Cheeses at CGRox Mag) raves about the lengua burros and tacos. I’ll take her word on it. Let me know if you try it and what you think.

I highly recommend the rolled tacos with cheese and guacamole from Nico’s (I usually go to the location at the new Chevron station towards the mall), any of the breakfast burros from Filabertos and a chicken chimi (or chimichanga if you prefer) from Eva’s

All this fabulous food and we haven’t eaten at a single national chain restaurant.

There are several menu items and lunch specials at establishments that are not primary Mexican restaurants that should be tried. The breakfast Quesada from The Cook E Jar, a green chili cheese burger with fideo at Be Dillon’s, Taco Tuesday at McMashers, and lastly the enchiladas occasionally available for lunch at the Desert Sands.

All these fabulous choices are available almost year round and then there is the Indian Taco or Indian fry bread that are available from concession stands conveniently located in various parking lots during the Cowboy and Indian Days.

As you have probably surmised, I am very passionate about Mexican food in Casa Grande. I also really like where I live, and I hope this article helps you enjoy Casa Grande as much as I do. If you find yourself falling in love…Give me a call and I will find you a place to call home in this House Big.

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 8:25 am by Kay Kerby And Sarah Campbell

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